About us

Mitaras is a market-renowned manufacturer.

We represent the largest glass factories and corrugated packaging manufacturers, and we know the finer details of the nuances of the industry. We are old hands in the market, so we know our customers' needs and have the solutions to meet them. the best offers. For these reasons, we have been working with major companies in Lithuania and other neighbouring countries food and beverage industries.

For various manufacturers, UAB Mitaras specialists can today offer a complete solution - glass containers of the right volume and price level, the packaging required for these containers and the door-to-door logistics.


For added exclusivity, the containers can be stamped with your products.

When preparing proposals, our specialists assess:

  • the required container volume,
  • quantities and delivery times,
  • The level of quality and price you choose,
  • logistics needs (international shipments, domestic shipments, timing and frequency),
  • coordinates all production and shipping issues with glass and gorfro packaging factories,
  • assemble individual components if necessary,
  • manages all additional costs.

Mitaras UAB's glass container packaging offer covers a wide range of sectors in the food and beverage industry.


Corrugated containers can be used in a wide range of applications. We believe that our wide range of products will allow us to meet your every wish and requirement. We will fulfil every order promptly. We offer a wide range of services.

Glass containers in Lithuania

Mitaras UAB works with wholesale customers - large and medium-sized companies in the food and beverage industry manufacturers in Lithuania and neighbouring countries.

Minimum order no less than 1 pallet

Selling jars and lids (pallets) to beekeepers


Our company is always in contact with our customers. We answer emails even at weekends.

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